Our Team

White Space Design Group is a collaboration between Interior Designers and good friends Alexandria Childs and Brooke Prince. It started as nothing more than a passing joke between co-workers during coffee breaks. They would tease each other that their 'future' company would be called Two Tiny Ladies, in reference to their short stature, and that their IT support would come from their much more technology savvy husbands.

Fast-forward several years, Alexandria was looking to drop a difficult commute and try something new, while Brooke was ready to jump back into design after having a second “tiny lady” of her own. Finding themselves presented with a unique opportunity to make that long ago joke into a reality…of course the name would need some work.

By working together Alex and Brooke are able to bring a unique and thorough set of skills and experience to their clients. They truly love what they do and strive to take the best care of their clients.



Alexandria "Alex", a native of Vashon Island, received her degree in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Inspiration comes to her through photography, literature and her love of Mid-Century Modern design. Alex believes that to enhance the quality of life of those using a space it must be both attractive and functional. She and her husband live in West Seattle with their two black cats, Porsche and Frenchi.



Brooke, also from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, received her degree in Interior Design from Oregon State University. She takes design inspiration from art and travel and believes that the design and function of a person's home or business is deeply influential, and should not be overlooked. She lives in Mukilteo with her husband and two daughters.